I could never particularly get into his playing even though he recorded so many of the masterworks that we wish Rach or Friedmofo recorded…

Any thoughts? Any favorite recs?

He was the first peniz to record the Liszt Sonata in 1929.

His chopin preludes are probably my favourite recording of his.
I love his ballade 3 as well (actually the two pianists you mention are my other favs in that).
SS etude is justifiably famous.

yeah, his chop prels actually got me into his playing. imo he’s not as great for the longer works (my problem with a lot of the golden age pianists, their ipersonality gets in the way of a coherent long interp)

I quite liked his Davidsbundlertanze.
I think one of the issues with Golden agers is that they were mostly detailed focused rather than structurally focused (with the obvious exception of Rachmaninoff), so the interp could feel somewhat fragmented.

I got his 40 cd box set. Was def more of an idea man than a craftsman but if you have a glass or four of wine before listening it’s great. He was In altered states when he recorded a lot of stuff so it only makes sense ; )

You mean he was a substance abuser? :whale:

Ill post the anniversary box if more than 3 people are interested

Yeah man, this place is a bit abandoned…

My internet is currently zepp circa 2004 speed so it’s too hard to download big boxsets.

Man, REZPEK da zepp

Yes, please!