Cumposers apping other cumposers or ztyles

This actually came about coz I had to tranny a dam Elvis zong and the arrangement is ripped right of the Beatles.

So I waz thinking for a larf, what are the zongz where cumposers consciously or subconsciously immitate another and how successful is it. Or genre bending zongz.

My fav is this Haydn zym which could easily come from da C20th Prick and at the same time only from Haydn. (10 seconds in)


That Haydn symphony is very forward sounding because the syncopations and the lively use of brass in the upper register.

Other interesting examples:

Vitali Chaconne, which is unmistakably Baroque in terms of writing but the modulations are Romantic or even modern.

Liszt’s Transcendental Etude No.11, which is not a copy of anything but so incredibly original that both Wagner and the Impressionists would learn a thing or two from it harmonically.

Grieg’s Holberg Suite, which despite being composed in 1884, is a clear blend of Classical and Baroque elements, particularly that of Haydn and Bach.

Tchaikovsky’s Serenade for Strings, which is Tchaik in nature but Mozart in structure and style.

Erik Satie decided to do a bit of shitposting on the Classical style with Embryons Desséchés.

Ives’ 2nd Symphony is a heady blend of Americana, Brahms, and Dvořák.

Villa-Lobos gives Bach a Brazilian flavor with his series of Bachianas Brasileiras.

Prokofiev’s 1st Symphony is an obvious ape on Haydn.

I could also list everything that John Williams wrote, that man was a professional thief disguised as a film composer.


Alkan Op41 - imitating Metallica


some of Tchaik is very much inspired by Liszt - def da Francesca da Rimini symphonic poem.

Rach’s The Rock Symphonic Poem - sounds nothing like his other works, very strong Rimski Korsakov & Balakirev influence

Da Lyapunov TE Lezghinka (aka da Lezboinka) - Blackcockirev’s BOMBAH :bomb: (Islamey)

many early Scrib works is in a quasi-:chop: style

da Liadov Op. 64 def a Scriabin inspired sheeyat but a bit primitive imho

parts of da Godo Passacaglia reference Rachmaninoff’s compo stylee


Ha, tru. I actually could picture that opening more successfully by a band of some sort. :dong:

I find the first mov could have been penned by Schumann, one of his Album of da young or zum zheeyat. Perhaps not alwayz in cuntent but in zpirit.

And the inzane dizzonance in dis, all brought about by counterpoint (dizzononce looking forward but da way it’s created looking back)

And this WTF Zart

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I think da ZHOE zecretly zhared da zame opinion on da :chop: az

da FEZTIN :sunglasses:


That’s a terrible impersonation of da :chop: , who would have never written the run at 1.08 in such a :snail: mannah.


very authentik :wim:

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Recently found about this, basically Domeniconi used the rhythmic values of the notes of the Bach Chaconne but replaced the pitches; I think it worked out great

Biiiiig forehead

Stravinsky is probably the best example. From his neo classical period. Pulcinella in particular

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