Cumpozahs from yo country?

What are some composers from your country that are largely unknown but composed in a way that involves ideas from the local folk music?

I will start the thread with some Greek composers (88 works where possible):

Giannis Konstantinidis

Marios Varvoglis

Nikolaos Skalkottas (who mainly wrote in a serialist style)

Manolis Kalomiris

Manos Hatzidakis (more contemporary)

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Stenhammar, Alfvén

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From US?


En skargardssagen is one of my favorite orchestral works, sheer genzui and very unique atmosphere.

From Stenhammar I have only liztened to this random choral piece

I wouldn’t call da legendery Manila “unknown” :stuck_out_tongue:

I should probably read the threads before spamming them lol

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It’s the other way around here, I know very little Alfvén (no piano) but I like Stenhammar - a little bit at least. His is also the most Swedish sounding music of the classical composers I know. It captures a bit of the language, a bit of the nature, and a bit of the national character.

Geirr Tveitt
Klaus Egge

Right, an even better example from here is Wilhelm Peterson-Berger.

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I played his Frösöblomster once, nice pieces in “salon”-style.

Yes, I grew up with them. Chopin and Peterson-Berger were heard daily in my childhood home through my brother and dad’s playing.

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Atterberg iz ma fav Zwedizh cumpoza, rezpec!

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Damn, I was waiting for the potato contribution here. What about the Brits? Vaughan Williams I suppose, but he’s hardly unknown.

Maybe Samuel Coleridge Taylor? I’ve known about him for years but never explored his music.
Edit: I didn’t see the precision about folk elements. Maybe Percy Grainger for the Poms (country gardens etc), but he was Australian.

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Aware ov diz Zcottizh themed 88 concerto? :uk:

Beautiful writin n catchy folk Zcot themez by an Englizh cumpoza