Czerny recommendations

Okay, just poat here anything nice from Czerny. Maybe a recording as well if there’s one.

I’ll start off:

The most obvious choice, his 9th Sonata in b minor.

The infamous Toccata in thirds (probably inspired by the Clementi toccata and likely gave rise to the Schumann one):

Libetta practising his octave etude op. 740 - I’ve sight-read it and it doesn’t seem too terrible! Would make for a great show-off piece.

For the faster, performance version of it check out the Youtube video of his performance od the 740 etudes uploaded by (Czernyer?) La musical.


This is the only non-exercise Czerny piece I’ve heard, but it’s kind of fun


ezpecially da finale

proto-Kan :kan:

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daim da ZEPP ziztah :rectum:

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daim imagine da GAO family disputez :sunglasses:


let moi examine diz lineage :sunglasses:

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Ahaha dis :wim: double beat zeppette

Ahahaha harzhly it appeareth zpeed iz not hereditary :sunglasses:

at leazt zhe zeemed only interezted in tech :sunglasses:

somehow I missed this thread earlier, I didn’t even know about this Clementi toccata, fun shit…
altho yes, what everyone else is saying it’s true, it’s clearly the grandfather of the schumann toccata which is a musically much more successful piece

I’ve been blown away by getting to know some of Clementi’s music, not so much Czerny’s, but still he was obviously more than just all the etudes we learn as kids

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