Cziffra Sospiro High Res Fatty Masters™

I’ve done this record a lot. This time I fully remastered using newest pro techniques and software. Its a bit night and day and rocks!

If you like the Cziffra this one worth downloading even if not following my (largely crap) sounding transfer experiments.

I left the OG audio characteristic so you’ll need to listen at concert volume. I didn’t compress so bass will sound skinny unless you listen propah.

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Wif the tube vid to check out…


The leggeerezbo cummah

Streamable CD quality link

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finished out the side… will do other tomorrow if not occupied with other things.

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@festinfurious thanks for encouraging me to figure out software side of things.

Check this shit out! One of the greatest performances of all time lives in near CD quality sound as result of this nudging. Behold~!

Cziff freakz need to DL this as heads up. The commercial digital transfer was complete trash.


Bro, pls check the link. I’m getting the St Francis rec from the link instead of BACH. Thanks!


Here da bach

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