Cziffra william tell overture

I want to say something about the william tell overture score. Surely im not the only one who finds the score terrible?? Not in a “its so hard to play” way, but the score just doesnt make sense? So many notes added that cziffra doesnt even play…
I’ve heard hirzel’s recording of it and I’ve seen people comment stuff like “she changed the score cuz she cant play it”, even though her recording makes sense.
From what i know cziffra and his son didn’t transcribe all of his improvs, and surely william tell was transcribed by someone else.
Wanna know what you guys think

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Volume one of the Cziffra transcriptions (ie the Brahms Hungarian dances, Bumblebee, Fantasie Roumaine, Valse triste, Tritsch tratsch) was done by Cziffra and his son. Volume two which includes William Tell was done via a prototype automated pitch recognition software and is a bit of a mess. Some people have done their own transcription by ear eg

and I’m sure someone has a revised Blue Danube.

Oh, didnt know about this… thank you.
Really wish cziffra transcribed it, maybe more people would’ve played it…

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Even volume 1 imo has some added notes which are inaudible on Cziffra’s recs but he probably strongly felt about adding them in just to fuck with future mofos :sunglasses: