Cziffra's first name


Georges Cziffra or Gyorgy Cziffra?


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hahahahahah, itz lyk liszt

liszt wuz born in hungary n named ferenc, but he went to germany n wuz brought up dere fo a while n choze to be called da german version of ferenc - franz

da ziff iz similar, he wuz named gyorgy, but az an adult he settled in france, da people were so kind to him n he loved da place so much, he decided to change hiz name to georges, az a sign of RESPEC to da french.

‘Penisaurus’ Cziffra :ziff:

datz rite :ziff:
n pozzibly cuz da french, aftah 20 yearz, still couldn’t handle da pronunciation of “György” 8)

hahahahaaha, itz juzt pronounced jurj wit a sharp finish

ic. thx.

I don’t think that the Lib will be changing his name to François any time soon.


what about marcus-andrew hamelin :doc:

or waddabout Benedictus XVI
hez da tru 1337_m0fo fo shizzle ma b-rizzle

hahahaha, insane sheeyat

Curious George

Cockmaster G