da 1,000,000th sheeyat on 88street intellect

pianostreet.com/smf/index.ph … w.html#new

hahaha diz cluelezz fafo didn’t even know what mofo meanz. Alzo iz an sdc hatah and pozzibly da archetype of da 88street pseudo intello, ready wit hiz vell thumbed dicktionary (or more likey thezauruz) a la conrad black. Sickenz mah bad zelf.

debussy symbolism based on his/her posts is a complete mororn.

-da Meph

i really think he haz a cucumber up hiz azz.


:dong: :dong: :dong:

da most cg sheeyat about that thread is da moron name, [color=yellow]Depuzzy zymbolizm.

hahahaha…WTF iz that?


we shud redirect him 2 diz thread 8)

:dong: :dong: