Da 10-1

Throw out some tips for someone who never played this before.

practice it 8)

and then practice some more 8)

and dats basically it 8)

relax and practice

well, u dont haff to relax

how da fuck do u achieve fury if u iz relaced?

Dre is a chilling motherfucker 100% of da time.

hahahahaha, well dats tru, but hes unique 8)

Well i think you need to move ur hands much to play 10-1.

hahahahhahahaha, da genius!


play it faster

de law 8)

tru!! u think argerich was relaxed when she played it? hell nah, she went into dat concert hall and said “aight jiggas, dis be wut i feelin’ so dis’ how i gonna play. if y’ll dont like it…fuck ya’ll im in dis shit fo da fury!”.

hahahaha, dats my kind of chickadee 8)

Speaking of chicks…



meiting say he can play dis at 250 bpm

i emailed him

no reply 8)

conclusion : da MT is gay


and ropsta do u have da Cortot’s guide sheeyat for dis piece ?
you may find some of his exercices useful (or not)

get da chopgods
dey have da wikid excercises fo all da tech

helpful in da origs