Da 10 greatezt Chopin pianiztz

Dinu Lipatti

Martha Argerich

Arthur Rubinstein


Murray Perahia

Maria João Pires

Alfred Cortot

Sviatoslav Richter

Maurizio Pollini

Vladimir Ashkenazy

Wut do u think ov diz lizt? legit or BZ?

And wut in your opinion doez it take to be a truly GREAT Chopin pianizt?

Go back to zleep n log out da 88ztreet:chop:


Gramophone ostentatiously doing absolutely nothing for my opinion of them by forgetting about Samson Francois, who I take above everyone else in da :chop:


They forgot her


Diz. Lol only da comme put up 10 mofo fo 10 bezt evah in a category dat have millions

Wut a lazy piece of garbage da :comme: iZ

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On topic tho tiz my favourite rec of a chopzon

Not including kapell on diz poll :comme:


Not only do you only give ten choices fo da top ten (:comme:)

But perahia and da orgy iz in da top ten ??


Da ASH a bit cuntroverzial also.

To be fair to comme, tis da Gramophone’z top 10 not his. I’m surprised dat fo once dey managed to cumpile a top 10 which didn’t include da brendull tbh. He’s in my top ten boring cunts.


And Pires? Ashkenazy? Solomon?

This is as BZ as they come


Ohjhhh…I thought I wuz blaming all diz hate on da comme

He kan ztill fuck off with da 88zt clickbait tho

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Hahaha da VOL mizguided hate a bit lyk da NORTH KOREA mizguided mizzile dat vil accidentally hit Hawaii n ztart WW3


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I really like some of the live AZH tho. But the rest of that, come on now

Haha this is almost laughably uninformed. The only pianists who are known Chopinists on there are Rubinstein and Cortot. I suppose Pollini can be defended as well - Chop comp winner, Etudes his most famous recording, and he’s always played a lot of Chopin - but just how well does his Chopin hold up? A Chopinist for the casually CD buying public perhaps.

Da POLLEN actually very zolid but juz a bit cold

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I like some of Richter’s as well, but that hardly makes him a Chopinist.

Perahia…? :thinking: Haha I really don’t get this. He’s associated with Bach and Mozart. It’s as if they’ve picked pianists who’ve made some Chop rec they randomly like and labelled them one of the 10 greatest Chopin pianists.

Ashkenazy’s early live Chopin, the '59/'60 Chopin etudes, and the live PC 2 I uploaded a few years ago are great performances. Kinda legendary in fakt.

This list is one reason why I always sheeyat on da gram. Solomon is there cause he’s English, and Perahia because he’s da mag’s fav

On da cuntrary…dasdc ain’t da North Korea and we iz not obligated to affirm yo claimz dat da orgy iz a top ten evah chopmofo

I’d nevah say da :orgy: iz a top 10 chopmofo but she is definitely top ten in 28/16 :clock1:

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