Da 88 codin :lib:

diz mofo want to make a code fo each hand motion
pozz an important ztep fo 88-:robot: programin :sunglasses:


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HAHAHAHA fuckkkkkk da zepp vil thoroughly inveztigate diz zheeyat

When he cummah back tonite

REZPEC da MART :sunglasses:

haha da 10/1code

clearly diz mofo tech superior to da WIM

an in depth zepp analyziz zhud determine if itz zuperior to da

:zcholah: :sunglasses:


ok derez no chance fo da WIM to reach diz level of tech even if he ztart ovah az a minimofo

n ztudy full tym wiz da zepp :sunglasses:

ahahahah fuckkkkk diz mofoz raw dex clearly exceed both da WIM n da ZCHOLAH

but wiz diz theory he iz doin a bit too much micro-codin pozz

fo da zepp, da 10/1 iz juz two zheeyatz

zwipe up from 1 to 5, n zwipe down from 5 to 1

da 234 juz go along fo da ride n cuntribute very little to da zpeed of da mvmt , zo 15 125 135 145 1235 1245 1345 12345 r all ezzentially da zame zheeyat :sunglasses:


alzo fo ROBODICKZ programmin

da bazicz iz juz

define 5 fingahz wiz diztance cuntditionz fo every pair of fingahz to zemi-mimick da human hand

ie: da thumb can crozz ovah/undah large diztancez. n da fingahz haff ztretch limitz but can alzo crozzovah each othah a tiny bit

diztance unitz = numbah of white notez
0 = same note, 1.5 = C to Eb, 2 = C to E, 7 = octave etc
pozitive # = normal ztretch
negative # = crozzovah

1-2 (7, -4)
1-3 (8, -3)
1-4 (9, -2)
1-5 (9, -2)

2-3 (4, -1)
2-4 (5, -1)
2-5 (7, 0)


da prog vil zcan a MIDI file n run a zearch algo to find da bezt (or moz human-lyk) fingahrin by tryin to maximize a function where:

every fingah-fingah crozzin = minuz 3 pointz
every thumb-fingah crozzin = minuz 1 point
every jump (a move exceedin all da diztance limitz) = minuz 5 pointz

u can add otha reztrikzheeyatz lyk

zingle note thumb on brotha key = minuz 1 point
repetitve chord diztancez = pluz zum numbah of pointz (diz zo it vil not try to play an alt-oct zequence az a double tremolo in 9th goin up :sunglasses: )
excezzive repetitive uze of 1 fingah = minuz zum numbah of pointz

or leave out da lazt zheeyat n let da :robot: dizcovah da clazzik 2424 fingahrin fo da PIMP ZEPP :sunglasses:

Interesting, but my French is not good enough.
Seems to me though that the idea is not new at all - someone like Gyorgy Sandor (in his book “On Piano Playing”) also mentioned five basic technical patterns in playing da 88: free fall, 5-fingers patterns/scales/arpeggios, rotation, staccato and thrust. Plus the importance of alignment. In fact this book is very helpful in analyzing and solving technical problems.

I see

He should have tried these moves out on actual rep tho

Dat anal-ysis of motions would be legit if he

Demoed da whole mofo up to tempo first.

Ma chick plays bettah den him but he probably

Sucks dick better.

I’m out

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It’s useful to categorize and anal-yze motion patterns and hand positions.
Howevah one should take care to diztil bazic truths from them that always apply in the same way for everybody, because no hand-shape and no body is cumpletely the same.

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Exactly. Also, diz all dicktated by da actual sound u haff in mind

Dat :fr: mofo be tripping

Like a non-tranny Taubman (TaubMAN) “tech method”


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ahahahaha mannnnnnn diz mofo’z 10/1 demoz juz

200 tymz da tech level of da TAUBMOFO GORLANZKI GRANNY :sunglasses:

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hahah tru with diz approach da :robot: often find original zolutionz

in diz caze I bet da :robot: will dizcovah

da :raised_hand::fish:




I haff watched 5 minz of da Taubmofo grannytranny and itz enough to put me to sleep. You can tell it’s pay by the hour lol

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AHAHAHAHA mannnnn diz inzane NN GENSUI zolutionz!!!

alzo diz clazzik:


da zepp iz juz grateful dat

he vil at leazt haff a headztart to prepare fo da up-cummin APOCALYPDICK ROBO-HUMAN 88 DUEL :raised_hand::fish: :sunglasses:

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ahahaha da GORLANDZKI GRANNY iz pozz da biggezt 88 fraud of all tym

i iz zhor da HATTO at da tym of her chopgod recz cud haff beaten her in a DUEL :sunglasses:

I’ve tried to find recordings of her playing any actual piece and couldn’t find anything. From what I can tell, there is zero evidence of her playing more than one measure a time at a sub-Wim tempo, so why would people go to her workshops? The emperor has no clothes…


There are pretty good 20+ point hand tracking algorithms. Google deepmind could analyze the end point and external location points to find best paths. Here is a multi joint model with real physics learning how to walk.

More finite input could be Haptx over stereo optical algorithms. I work with them here and there. Could nudge to abandon abandon surgical robotics inputs in favor of hand fish research fingerings

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haha tru da gretah good fo mankind :raised_hand::fish:

I will pozz invezt in diz 22$ handz FPS Handy Hands | 3D Humanoids | Unity Asset Store

before raizin 22 milionz fo da



fo zum reazon i alwayz knew

da SDC, a civilization of mofoz wiz da MOZ PROFOUND LOVE fo da 88

wud bring about da END OF PENIZM AZ WE NOE IT :fire: :japanese_goblin: :sunglasses:

"da path to hell iz paved wiz gud intentionz’ :sunglasses: