da 88world gheynezz

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‘i don’t see why a pianist would do somthing like this’

WTF :whale:

‘Bizarre really. He certainly gives that piano a good banging.’

wtf :whale:

‘i’ve heard his recording of etudes, and sadly, the contraversy which often surrounded his playing was affirmed upon playing the cd. he puts more focus on speed and accuracy than musicianship.’

hilariouzly, diz iz untru :lib:

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ziff chopetz cd sheeyat -

‘The next question is: Even at $18.98, do I want 5 discs of Cziffra playing Chopin?’


'Actually I thought many of them were terrible. Especially the Etudes. The first time I heard them I thought “cool”, the second time I thought “rather fast” and the thrid time I got an head-ache after listening to them…that explains… ’


‘The reason it’s so cheap is that it’s simply not good playing. Cziffra was NOT a good Chopin player and an even worse Beethoven player, in my opinion.’

:whale: wtf

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‘Richter’s timing for this Etude is 1:36.’


‘Quite hard to follow at that speed.’

zl*w brain…

'Seriously, I always admie the technical skill required for very fast playing like this. But sometimes the musicality is diminished, and maybe that is the case here.

Interesting video.’

hahahahaha wtf :chop: :stop:

diz iz juz sheeyatz in da pazt couple dayz man

they’re jealous

HAHAHAHAHAH DA 88WORLD :dong: :comme:

I was the OP of this comment and I stand by it.

Seriously, show me a Ziff Chopin recording and i’ll show you 10 better ones.

ahhaha i dun need to, lizten to da 25/8

I semi-agree.

His Scherzo no 2 IMO = not enough power, energy etc…


you don’t like his heroic?

da ziff 25-8 cud b da mozt legendary rec iv he played da ending like da sock.


:ziff: “it’s da otha way around”

i totally agree…there’s somehting about ziff’s recordings that just makes me snore…like, i cant explain it…he seems ultra bored when playing da chop 2 scherzo in da vid, and his heroic in da vid, though fast, is enough to put me to sleep…i dun get it…

he has impressed me with his rec of the chop impromptu and Liszt hr 6 in da dvd tho…but still my favorite in da dvd is not played by ziff, but it is the Tanhauser overture by moiseiwitchs…also lots of virtuosity, but lots more exciting, interestring, musical…