da 88WORLD zink to nu depthz

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HAHAHA n a mofo cummah n explain da ear equivelant ov da RAY quote

zimply moz mofoz EARZ iz too zl*w

no. STFU.

The tempi back then were actually faster than today’s just listen to the recs of old pianists, violinists, and conductors…SUDDENLY, people started jumping into the slow performance bandwagon…

moi cuntributed to da thread:

Listen to the old masters recordings:
for eg, students of Liszt:
Eugene D’Albert, Arthur Friedheim, Mortiz Rosenthal, Emil Sauer, they all play considerably faster than nowaday’s pianist.

Even your beloved pianist Claudio Arrau played at a much faster tempo when he was young (get the Martson or Pearl recording of his, when he was in his peak of career, he practiced 16 hours a day, check out his Paganini etude No.6, that’s the testament of the REAL Arrau.)
The Phillips recording of the TE, is when Arrau’s technique has declined considerably (in 70s), i won’t be surprised his slower tempo choice was contributed partly to the inability of playing at a faster pace.

And your argument about (faster communication, or people live slower before) are just a bunch of crap. Older master usually use a more ‘free’ sense of tempo and rubato, but when it comes to the stricter tempo structure, they are nothing less than specific. Hammerklavier was arguably the first piece using the metronome marking, and the structure of building a metronome has changed relatively little since, so you gotta respect the composer’s intention when they put down that marking.

You can embrace your own slowness all you wanted, but don’t bring this ‘people live slower’ argument here, you get a fatter chance of inventing an imaginary time machine and travel back to your slow-world than making a legit point.


i don’t visit PS and PW b/c it pisses me off even visiting a random thread. mofoz there are just full of shit. they wrote things unconsciously.

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I iz zlow and mah tech sucks, but I’m OK :whale:

last post on Pianoworld:

i was gonna comeback and check out this place, but after one post, i found out that I don’t like talking to facts-picking-self-assuring-trolls.

(fyi, i like Arrau’s TEs, esp Wild Jadg)

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this is spot on kritty. I haven’t even read either of those boards for a couple of months now. I feel like its a great achievement; the level of stupidity makes me want to pull my hair out. Youtube is just as bad, I think so called “classical music fans” have extremely poor taste.

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