da amazing connection of da Kapell with da Kan

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OLGA SAMAROFF (1880-1948)
A pupil of Ernest Hutcheson and of Alkan?s illegitimate son Elie Delaborde, Samaroff (originally Lucy Hickenlooper) went on to teach such eminent players as Kapell, Lewenthal, and Weissenberg. She recorded many discs for Victor between 1921 and 1930. Almost all of them can be obtained on PEARL OPAL 9860. A further Samaroff disc, of the Grieg Nocturne, is included in SIMAX 1809 (?Grieg Piano Music in Historic Interpretations?).

tiz makes da Kapell Kan’s great grand pupil

Interesting. There’s another even more subtle connection (from liner notes on Kapell from Philips 20th Century Pianists):

“In our modern era of homogenised musical performances, we are all the more sensitive to this tension in Kapell’s own piano playing. While he was certainly what we would consider a modern pianist in his technical discipline and his brilliant tone, he was always searching, looking backwards as well as forwards to a different era when the performer’s identity was as important to the audience as the composer’s. Anna Lou tells of an occasion at a postperformance party when Kapell met a local piano teacher in illionois who was a former pupil of Isidor Philipp, and proceeded to absord from her all he could of her sense of Parisian piano traditions.”…

Isidor Philipp was a joint publisher of Alkan’s music along with Alkan’s son Delaborde.

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