a nu wikid addition

i can find 1 online sumwhere, or upload your own - which iz advisable

just make sho dat da format and size r rite - shrink da pic size to a maximum of 100 x 100 pixelz

haha i might just keep this bomb one, it is a tru mofo


me didn’t know me was dis good at drawing 8)

hahahaha, respec

but now im wonderin what da girth limit shud be

a wikid way to get some - iz to do a google image search

den link to da PREVIEW image - datz how da zepp getz hiz wikid 1

hahaha mine is genius

hahahahaha, dats rite 8)

haha nerds pic is mo dan genius.

but mine beats all.


hahahhaha, iz yoz a nigga?

that’s rite, nigga

hahaha, da longdong

test test

ha ha - pure gangsta 8)

hahahahaha ma nig

So you would believe. 8)

da size of yo cock givez it away

That may be so, but you know how I dislike certain vocabularah. 8)

hahahahaha[00:31] CrashTest: in america pizza is everywhere

haha fo sho


[01:25] Steven: hahahahahaha, dat soundz wikid
[01:25] CrashTest: comme check da sdc site
[01:25] valar_king: is ur name really da steven?