da ballade

whooz g minah ballade do u lyk mozt? dizcuzz. :chop:

Ah. My favourite one. I love this ballade.
I like Horowitz’s version a lot I suppose, but I haven’t heard many others. Just playings from random compilation albums.

zimerman’s g min ballade, along with the other 3, are at the top of my list.


but of courze

:god: alzo

ahahah fuk

:ho: n Gav


Cécile Ousset has by far da best recording me thinx


Vlad '68 at CH, Gilels, Annie Fischer and Witold Malcuzynski are my favourites

Oh, and an early Pollini rec that I really like.

Haven’t heard it but Perahia’s ballade recording is meant to be close to his best Disc.
I like da Zim, and tis one of da few Pollini recordsing I like (altough, i haven’t heard it for a while)

WTF ???


i prefer Perehia’s Chopin etude disc over the ballades

and my favorite is Horowitz live in Carnegie (the one with TV broadcast)

i actually do like the Rubinstein one (which is strange, cause I don’t like most of his other studio Chopin recordings, this one has really warm tone, i guess that’s why)

daim da perahia ballade iz lyk an insult.

There isn’t really “a” Horowitz version :ho: :lib:

Early Pollini.

-da Meph

according to the gramophone review, they rate it as one of his best recordings :confused:
As I said, I haven’t heard it so I can’t judge, just saying what I read.

I prefer da perahia cock-sucking tranny vid

Horowitz has a ton of different recs of this ballade. There are some that are pretty bad, but the one from his 1965 Carnegie return recital is absolutely unbelievable. I generally don’t like what anyone does with this piece though.

i lyk da michelangeli and da ho

I haff nevah heard da michelangeli, cud u post it?