da BAREN conducktin -at lehman broz CEO levelz


hilitez at '20 1’00 2’55

truly da eaziezt job in da world :lib:

I used to play this at functions! It’s fun!

I don’t like Daniel Barenboim as a pianist, I heard him in the Brahms 1st and 2nd concerto (it was on cable), and it was absolutely terrible, in my humble opinion.

ahahah but az a conducktah…DAIM! :lib:

I found 2:28 to be some hilarious shit, also 2:55 - what the hell was that? That smile is quite disturbing :slight_smile:

On the other hand, orchestras don’t even need a conductor for this kind of music.

tru, i’m guessing barenboim knows this :smiley:. Most conductors that know what they’re doing don’t always conduct, it’s not like the orchestra needs there hand to be held the entire way through

haha da B Bomb CG

haha barenboim is such a crappy conductor

tru 8)

and that Maazel New Years concert this year was absolutely horrendous.

Here is a review snippet:

"But Macabre was certainly the word for the bedraggled performance Maazel ushered forth. The announcer chirps away about how the conductor is enjoying himself. But it seems a total misery. It is pathetic, absolutely pathetic, that this is the sort of performance given by arguably the greatest performance body in the country. It shows that the country is truly nearly dead, a true Danse Macabre. We better wake up.’

haha, pozzibly a worse penist