da BAREN finally muztah up enuf tech/fury fo an sdc audition

ahahaha bettah luck next tym :stop: 8)

n dun forget yo conzolation medal, tru:

I just don’t like Barenboim’s pianism. What is he supposed to be a great interpreter of anyway? Maybe I just don’t get him, but I think he’s highly overrated.

yeah, gotta agree with the woofah for once. hes a pretty good conductor, though, so he isnt a total loss to the musical community by any means.

I think he manages to make it exciting without having to speed it up like hell.

He is a really proffesional performer, wich is a breath of fresh air in this world where 99% of what you hear sounds like standard student interpretations.

I actually met him. He was a really nice person. I agree that he isn’t the best pianist, but his conducting is very good.

I’ve read that at the beginning of his career he could be a superb pianist in recital; though Borenboim’s recs are often a little boring. :wink:
I guess it’s impossible to be a good conductor and a good pianist at the same time (though I still prefer his pianism to his conducting - I admit I don’t know his Bruckner and Wagner, which is supposed to be good)