Da Barristah's SDC timing database

a complete fuckin archive of da Barristah’s SDC timings. Note howevah, dat dese r track times, NOT SDC times http://homepage1.nifty.com/alkan/discography/barere/barereco.html


hahaha icic

i haff to agree



Sum STRONG record contenders.

10/5 1’21
10/8 2’10 (depends on da length of de applause)
ballade1 7’52
ballade4 9’00
da liszt legs etude 3’52
rach 23/5 3’12
Scrabet 8/12 1’57

Keep in mind dese r track times. Da SDC timing could slash off az much as 10 seconds. 8)

i haff said it b4

and i will say it again, in mah next post

dat da fuckin barristah is da most consistently fast demon OAT

i commend him

too bad we aint got any visual documentation of dis legend in action. 8)

dere will be some sheeyat no doubt

da koji will know

i haff seen vid of rach - but not playin

No Barere videos I’m afraid (I know this is kinda morbid, but wouldn’t you LOVE to see a video of his Grieg Concerto in Carnegie :open_mouth: ?)




koji (STSD)

hahahahahaha, dis reminds me of 3 things-

da FURIOUS genius of da barristah

da comedic genius of da simpsons

and da all embracing genius of da thracmeistah 8)