da Barry Douglas in da Hong Kong

zhud i pozz go?

Glinka Russlan and Ludmilla: overture
Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto no. 3
Mussorgsky (orch. Ravel) Pictures at an Exhibition
Tchaikovsky Overture 1812
Pianist: Barry Douglas
Conductor: Jakub Hrusa
Orchestra: Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra
25 & 26-4-2008 Fri & Sat 8PM
Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall

Yes, pls go and report to us how he did. Will it be broadcast? A rec would be interesting to listen to.

i saw him play this once. he plays the ossia cadenza if you’re interested… I’m seeing him play Schubert 960, Gaspard and Dante Sonata in a month… should be good.

how was the performance?

Randomly I probably wouldn’t go to that. I’ve heard probably 3 Douglas bootlegs of the Rachmaninoff Third and they’ve all been pretty ordinary. He brings a lot of power in some of the climaxes etc, but the interp falls a bit flat.

It was a while ago but i seem to remember him playing extremely quietly in the first movement, and didn’t make a lot out of it overall. The accuracy was fantastic, and I can’t really comment on the final movement as the adrenalin kind of took over me for the last few minutes (it was when the piece was new to me, now only hough’s is the only recording of the last movt. i know of that has that effect on me!).
I seem to remember the second movement stuck out as very good - not too much sentimentality and clear playing - i think that too often this movement is pedaled into a mushy mess…
It made my mother cry anyway…

although there are plenty of better other performances of this, I’d go if it was close enough and cheap enough.

daim da :ho: 3rd mvmt dun make yo cock hard?