da BEAR FURY from da 50z

diz TE10


OK da zepp iz now convinced 8)

daim! 8)

Ahaha a three min coldfart! Da bear momentarily confuzed by his own fury at 1.04, pozz?

Tru, I told yo azz diz mofo a TOP 5 Soviet legend!

Da 1:04 juz a rare example of a Soviet Golden Age sheeyat 8)

Da bear in da 50’s and 60’s was so fuckin insanely legendary!

Eyyyy yo Adrian… :zhreddah:

Yeah iz good. But live my ass, these are studio recordings.


XSDC mofo, how much bear do you have from da 50’s?
Any wikid sheeyat?

I know dere is sum unreleased live TE’z from da 50’s tru?


Haha I instantly request his 1954 live Wilde Jagd.


Diz a 4:30 unleash!

Rezpek! 8)


Yeah I’ll do it

hahaha thanks as always 8)


i conclude dat da BEAR 88 INZTINCTZ

moz zimilah in fact to


TRU but diz kind of inztinct muz be paired wiz a TRULY INZANE TECH to function propahly. once u no longah haff da TECH u cant really tranzition back to a a chill mofo az eazily az lez zay da LUGANZKY cud :sunglasses:

da Bear a bit more tasteful den Gav tho. 8)

Gav was a real mofo for sure, but he never was the moron Balboa was at this time. I’m quite serious, he does that Wilde Jagd in 3:59.


Now was must hear diz genzui 8)

C, I take it you aren’t the biggest fan of Lazar Balboa? :wink:

daim, iz u sure dat rec is transferred at da rite speed?
I’m pretty sure all da other laserbear wildecunt recz is 4:30

dun tease uz so long daddy X, we need to sample da full length bear sausage 8) :mule: :mule: :mule: :mule:

ahahahah tru i cant really pikcha da BEAR in da clazzic LIL BELL RAPE VID 8)

hahaha dat one is a classic. Da best part is dat da GAV facials there also have a rapist vibe to dem! 8)

Ahaha da cummentz on dat vid by “ANDREI GAVRILOV CULTURE CHANNEL” (“100000% hetero”)



No I’m not uninterested but I mean what do you do about a guy who walks out on stage with the main point to prove he can play both faster and louder than that dude who was here tuesday night? It’s incredibly impressive etc, but the works played are vehicles for his show and the whole thing sort of falls beside the point if you actually care about the music. But no I’d definitely take this above Bolet for instance who tries to sound like a gentleman while playing Wilde Jagd. But it’s all still a bit :mule: