Da Bear

Da legendary mofo Gilels once said: even if Da Rectum and i played 4 hands, we’d still get our asses kicked by DA BEAR!!!

Dis shows Da BEAR commanded supreme respec from his colleagues.

His most insane feat iz playing da Chop sonata2 finale in undah 50seconds. To give you an idea of how fast dis is: If we model all da chop2 finale timings on a normal distribution graph, we would find dat it iz almost identical to da 10/2. (ie. da competent recs nowdays range from 1’10-1’20.)

His complete TE iz also legendary. If you thought da SOGO unleashed an insane TE#2, his timing was 2’00. Da BEAR’s rec has a track time of 1’45, thus actual playing time could be in da sub1’40s. INCREDIBLE.

To sum up, dis mofo is a true embodiment. And bettah yet, he is still alive! imo he deserves a big golden: RESPEC. 8)

hahahaha, dis is da perfect name 4 him, he looks like a ‘great bear of a man’

u know da simon callow mofo? (posh british actor)
in an issue of some music mag ive got, he talks about his fascination fo virtuosity - and he calls dis mofo ‘a great bear of a man’ and sheeyat like dat.

dis mofo should be respeced aswell - fo bein an actor obsessed wit speed 8)

and also MUCHO respecomundo to da bear himself 8)

Dere r in fact 2 legendary BEAR recordings dat da SDC iz extremely interested in: 2 chopets -da 10/2 & da 25/10 8)

where can i hear dose? 8)

Dats what i’d like to know. 8)

ask da simon callow 8)

meanwhile, here’s a link to da legendary TE rec


According to da review, we should be able to confirm anotha record: Da wild jaguar in 4’31 8)

DAYUM, juss…DAYUM! 8)

Lazar Berman?
I have a lot of his stuff on a CD I got.
Fuckin good stuff
respec to da bear 8)

haha, respec fo havin his sheeyat - what sheeyats do u got? 8)


(that is the legendary 1’43 No.2 TE)


(that’s da furious Wild Jadg)

MANNNNNNN… :smiling_imp:

RESPEC to da jeff 8)

hahaha, RESPEC!

and bonus respec fo da file names, dey made me turn da volume down b4 i opened dem, which minimised da impact of da fury, u dick 8)

i got Berman playing Scriabin Etude Op. 8 No. 12, Prokofiev March from oranges and Rach op. 23 no 5

FUCK, how is it?

and hook us up wit dis shit 8)

Shorly his legendary aim warrants a record in dis one. 8)

haha, who dus he hav to beat?

da long donger?

Da longdonger stands at a surgically approved 2’03. Insane, but certainly within striking distance of da claws of da BEAR. 8)

haha, indeed

an afap rec of any scriabin piece will sound fuckin insane, since scriabin is da RUBATO MAN

Check diz:


da quote:

“The compelling reason for adding this disc to your collection is Berman’s legendary 1952 recording of the Tchaikovsky Pathétique Scherzo in Samuel Feinberg’s transcription. It knocks nearly a minute off Volodos’s by no means slouchy performance, and apart from its almost superhuman velocity it displays a colossal range of quasi-orchestral colour and dynamics, all gathered up into a whirlpool of cumulative momentum.”

DAYUM, da tru genius of da BEAR!

Hilariously, da legendary RUDY also recorded diz sheeeyat 8)