Da Best :nigga: Cumplete Sonatas Recording by Female Penistz

Yep, the Opus 49 (‘they don’t count’ for da Handjob)

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Not enough notes.


Can sum1 rigg da vote back to 100% handjob again? We kinda had a thing going dere.

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Am I right in remembering they were publishes as Sonatinas, like the WoO set? Maybe a point in a way if so, but they’re nonetheless part of the traditional canon. I remember Herr Doktor Professor Alf left them out as well from his LvB cycles, but did offer them as encores.

And now abrsm trying to add the kurfurstensonaten to the canon. 35…

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Good! I love those!

I think they were published as “Sonate facile”, short and easy sonatas but I’ve never heard them addressed as “Sonatinas” (he wrote a couple of those as well).
They’re the easiest of the canon for sure, but not so simple to play really well IMO…

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No that’s definitely true. I felt as if I heard G minor for the first time when Levit played it here last year. I think part of the reason is that pianists haven’t given them the same attention as the other sonatas.

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You won’t get me to join your cause, but that said I don’t think she’s “bad”. Bad pianists and bad performances in my book are dull, stiff, underdeveloped, lacking in musical precision etc. Lim is never that, she’s exciting, liberating, on point and takes no prisoners, but she falls by being completely clueless as to what she plays. I agree she can be a breath of fresh air, but after a while you realise she plays everything in the same way and when there’s not even an attempt to build something from the music her set is both one of the most exciting and, in another way, one of the most boring. There’s nothing there, it’s Beethoven turned Britney. Shallow, empty.

At the end of the day it comes down to who you are and what you’re after. If you seek thought & musical experience Lim will be boring. If you seek flair, engagement and excitement Arrau will be boring. Both qualities are manifested in the sonatas. Personally I have to say I agree with Erwin however that when you see the points that keeps getting lost on Lim both bar by bar and movement by movement she soon simply becomes annoying to listen to - even when I’m not in the mood for a journey to the deeper parts of existence.

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Eeeeh, excuse me, James Rhodes told me da Hand J iz da bezt in da niggah 32, so why zhud I lizten to u ghuys?

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He really said that?

I can’t imagine putting up with da HANDJOB beating the shit out of the 88 for more than 5 minz before the cumplete lack of variety takez itz toll. She(?) iz an accumplizhed rapizt, fo sho, but I get bored quickly of peniztz whose credo seemz to boil down to “hardah, faztah” ad infinitum. Apart from da zepp :sunglasses:


Haha and people wonder why new mofos are put off by da language here


This place is dangerous. It’s only a matter of time before I refer to someone as a mofo in a more official setting - without meaning anything with it whatsoever. :yum:


Lol, it’s playing havoc with my predictive text.

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Tru. Haff to try and mofo up the text up without saving it to the dictionary just in case things get sent down the line. It’s a pain in the arse.


Harzhly blockd in da UK but I can pozz emulate diz by watchin da TM interp

on 2x :sunglasses:


D.Koren’s a huge fan of Lim. He has great taste and favours exciting / risk-taking pianists. I’ve liked a lot of what I’ve heard from her except her Bach WTK which is ridiculous. She’s got a beautiful free-spirit thing about her that you won’t find in the other young celebrity pianists.