Da Best :nigga: Cumplete Sonatas Recording by Female Penistz

Hahaha untru, my FIRST interp of this c 2014 was

Fastah den da HJ
Need to find that piece of schitt

N wut do u n KOREN think ov da

MALTEMPO :sunglasses:

Becuz da only zheeyat holdin da HANDJOB back from bein a gold ztandard legend from a muzical ztandpoint

iz her zumwut fuckd up random n thoughtlezz rhythm :sunglasses:

concur wiz da above, zhe iz wikid n a great penizt to hear in cuntzert fo a zpontaniouz one tym experience

but not wyf material

hence da HANDJOB name bein even mo appropriate given diz :sunglasses:

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The problem with DK is that everything is so B&W with him. Things are either GREAT, or they SUCK - and there’s rarely (never?) any deeper analysis as to why. He and John Gavin were the only ones who kept me at RMCR - a forum I detest - but I learnt early on to take his views, well definitely seriously, but also with a grain of salt. What can you say about someone who idolizes Lim and fails to see any merit in Beethoven for instance? Truth be told I take your views much more seriously Tony.


No doubt she is phenomenally gifted, in the sense that she has an :orgy:ian ease at da 88 and can play/memorize an enormous amount of difficult pieces in a short period of time.
That said, for me, from what I’ve heard, she always stays at the surface of the music and treats every composer (whether it’s Bach, Beethoven or Rach) in the same way, just how she feels it, not bothered by any deeper sense of style. This “free spirit” thing can also be interpreted as superficiality or just plain ignorance or randomness. Her performances are often a bit like the concert clothes she’s wearing - rather shapeless.




Tru. Never have I seen two bigger man-babies than Dan Koren and Tom Deacon.

I read a few of their posts back in the early 2000s and decided to steer clear of the newsgroups.

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Wise decision avoiding those complete tools. Man-babies is a perfect description.

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I didn’t mean about his behaviour. His taste in pianists and discovering / promoting lesser known ones has been impeccable. Of course sometimes he gets carried away with it.

I zumhow get da feelin da HANDJOB cunzidahz herzelf zuch a :nigga: authority becuz zhe wuz told he wuz deaf n zhe take diz literally n neva lizn to anyone elzez playin, any otha recz, or anyone elzez advice

Pozzibly da tru way

N alzo pozzibly not :sunglasses:


This isn’t taste though, but experience and musical intelligence. Although in DK’s case I really do think they’re one and the same. He’s called more people deaf than the audiologist association, he seems completely incapable of looking beyond his own frame of reference, vast though it may be.

Impeccable tazte = zomeone’z tazte who alignz wiz yo own? :whale:

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Not exactly. I don’t find HJ Lim exciting, and unlike Koren I like Arrau and wasn’t into his Ann Schein.

Haha diz exactly

Rezpec da yoga guru :comme:

I don’t know, they kind of overlap, at least taste & experience do.

For me this behaviour isn’t such a problem when someone is so curious & has good taste & favours challenging & exciting / risk-taking playing as he does. You know the guy has his way and just goes with it. It’s more his style of writing which comes across a bit dysfunctional. I mean if you took his belligerent manner, honed it a bit & dressed it in a toff British-styled way of communication, most people here wouldn’t even notice it.

It’z alwayz good to get expozed to nu great artiztz by recommendationz ov people u rezpec n truzt

but when it cummah to negative criticizm…I neva completely ignore an artizt juz becuz I rad bad zheeyatz about dem. I vil alwayz giv da benefit ov da doubt even when people I rezpec zay dey iz zheeyat n not worth yo tym to lizten to

Zo influencerz lyk diz are better off focuzzin on da pozitie - hilitin zheeyat n bringin to our attention

inztead ov waztin tym dizzin zheeyat. Da bezt way to treat zheeyat u don’t lyk iz wiz apathy n ignorance…juz don’t even mention it.

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Hehe, no but I associate “good taste” with a preference for the refined, proper, measured, etc. Same as everywhere, not just in music. Personally I have little respect for the concept in this context however tbh. Is Beethoven’s 9th in “good taste”? Is Alkan? Cziffra? El Greco? Even that which isn’t well adjusted or proportionate falls within the realm of art, and that’s really where it’s at for me. You can also turn it around if you wish. There’s no direct correlation between that which is tasteful and that which is expressive, and that which isn’t expressive rarely lasts.

All that said I definitely think there are limits. Just because something can be expressed doesn’t mean it needs to be, or that it’s meaningful to take part in it. This is me but I’m fine with taste being bent, challenged, questioned or used as a tool, but if you lose sight of it altogether you’ll lose me with it.


Dat defintion ov tazte iz zimple -

playing dat iz hard to hate

competition winning pianiztz dat cummah to win da top prize becuz dey don’t offend anyone

a TRU ARTIZT haz to dare and rizk being hated

to be truly loved

tru :pimp::nigga:

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Imo “impeccable taste” in music constitutes playing in the appropriate style AT THE APPROPRIATE TIME. So, bombastically when things are for show (no fucking :snail: BULLET GGC), sensitively when it’s called for (heaven help us if da HANDJOB decides to hack through da benedicksheeyat), expansively when it’s called for (bits of da pimpzon), like a bat out of hell when virtuosity is obviously the name of the game (HR6). Basically having artistic empathy with what you’re playing.


Tru, juz lyk da LEZBO :sunglasses:

Hahahahaha da fuckin lezbo.