da bezt lookin 88 handz

datz rite!


da Uchida (da GOOCH?)


gettyimages.de/detail/nachr … d513775056

I’m going to her Schubert recital tomorrow! Super excited!


Have fun!

On topic: da Franz, but I can’t find a pic of the casting I’m after

Off topic: Thanks!

On Topic: Pogo

carmelocaatrad.deviantart.com/a … -550374935

for da anime hand fans … found this!

same dude has a ho version

deviantart.com/art/VLADIMIR … -539905539

Fuck this guy’s gallery is aching for emoji inclusion some Spanish speaker should reach out.


Richter getting fucked by a tiger…

carmelocaatrad.deviantart.com/a … -619547994



carmelocaatrad.deviantart.com/a … -498152211

fuckkkkkkkkk da DONGAH!!! :dong:


diiiiim if i zaw diz pic firzt

i wud fo zhor NOT HAFF clicked on da ‘RECTUM FUCKED BY A TIGER’ link 8)


I expected something more hardcore from da Rectum Tigerfuck 8)

Yeah not really sure whats going on with the tiger there…

He shoudl add a dick in there to sort things out.

On one of his Beethoven CDs, Brendel looks like he just did something naughty with his hands.

Looks fine to me 8)

now I know why he doesn’t smile in pics. Def creeper grin going on