da bezt lookin 88 handz

TRU, iz it

da ZIFF zpidah on coke look?

da DOC zpeedy rubber-teddy look?

da LUGY zmooth zlendah tentacled look fo da ladiez? 8)

da DONGAH wet zauzage flap flap?

or da MOTEL inztant JAV vibrator look? 8)

dizcuzz, from a purely azthedickal point of view, or othawize 8)

I don’t actually find watching pianists’ hands that interesting.

Oh man, da MOTEL hands fo shoh.
Da extra exact, measured surgical precision movements!


Juz beautiful hands n raw fingah motions 8)

Da ABM loose fingertips is exactly why he has such a bland uncolored tone. Not a fan, except for a few select performances where his meh tone does not bother me

Who’s the MOTEL? Makes me think of some hooker working out of one.

Alexei Grynyuk.

Fastest octaves

Octaves = 8 = Motel 8 = Da Motel

Click da link bro. Dat sum beautiful hands!

Da ziff hands got da rugged but beautiful look. Like a beautiful mini-horze 8)

Sometimes I really wonder what you hear.

What do you mean?

You can’t compare ABM’s tone to Horowitz, Rachmaninoff, Friedman etc.
No crispiness to it, just bland uncolored.

He has other parameters that make some of the playing interesting, but tone is not one of them, bro.


Or even

Just an opinion tho, no need to bite my cock off 8)

It makes a difference if you listen to Michelangeli play the piano in Italian.

Lol, uncolored, ABM? It sings wonderfully, you can’t possibly call this playing “bland”:

Cziffa hands were actually nice looking wow.

I think I am put off by that thunb things where he magically turns it into a regular finger.

Pogo is my favorite because the way he moves the hands. All smooth and slutty… the playing that comes out is of um err. variable quality…

Least sexy hands def cherkassky though. of those dudes he’s only one I’d probably be able to score a handy from ; )

Da Lib’s gay hands:

da lib resectable double note trill

Liszt 2 - youtu.be/TmDqcIcCsu0

lib vs Hamelin



You decide!

No doubt about it - da Lib COULD play! :astonished:

That’s da fakelib! :lib:

damn, forgot about libetta.

Wikipedia lists his first show name as Walter Busterkeys which is much Cooler than Mr Showmanship or whatever

Sexies hands? ABM, hands (:dong:) down. Calling him bland is taking trolling too far and should be a ban-worthy!

Pachmann’s smooth elegant hands

Horowitz wiz his marble carved powerful hands

Lipussy wiz his freaky looking mutated spider hands
upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/ … ipatti.jpg

Friedman wiz dat refined whale-one-fin look

Hahaha diz imprezzive maztery of da SDC legend-namez catalogue

Rezpec 8) :lib:

But which peniz has da best looking cock?

Likely da Rock tied wiz da YUJA 8)

Ahahah da friedmofo original whale fin ic 8)