da bort concerti

where da hell can i find the sheets to the concerti and recordings for the 2nd and 3rd one

yep i want too

i should ask Ello
he is da Bort guy
i don’t have it


ello is a mofo from iceland

this is the replied i got

"No I don´t think there are any recordings- except a synthesized version- possibly- at Dr. Bhagwan N. Thadani- "


dis mofo deserves his own page

how about the sheets

ello doesnt have dem on comp

Join the club…we’re all looking.

koji (STSD)


If we get truly desperate, I can check a special source that will probably have them, hehe.

koji (STSD)

maybe we should start like, a secret bortkiewicz guild society
like da masons

dat wud be bling 8)
da mofo.JPG


hahahahaha tru

hahaha dis reminds of a simpsons joke… with da name plates and find this one called bort…

okay i’ll shut up now :sunglasses:

haha, gensui

“let’s see bert, bort… bort who has a name like bort?”

“look mommy, a name plate with my name on it”

“no, now come along bort”

“were you just talking to my son?”

“no, my son also is named bort”

“we have an announcement to make, marge simpson, we have your son in detention”

“we also have you older, fatter, balder, son, oh and were out of ‘bort’ name plates”



so tru 8)

HAHAHA, wtf?

u wish