da Brew

yo, seein as u rapidly became a mamba(long snake) of dis forum

we wud like to see some credentials of your dedication to da art of speed 8)


i’ll try, but i haven’t got a microphone, i’ll buy one soon. I’ll record da stars and da stripes forever when i get da speed up

haha, respec - u cud also write a paragraph outlining you achievements and aspirations, aswell as inspirations in your own words.

dis is a requirment for those who cannot record, to becoem a memba - dis is what da legendary DOR did, and he has becum da Gaza Demon, u cus also aspire to be a legend in da similar vein.

can the paragraph become public den
I’d love to read da Gaza Demon’s sheeyat
da coolest jew I know

haha, fo sho

da paragraph has to be sent to dis board for it’s judgement.

it will be decided by da chair and vice-chair whether they actually get into da SDC - but da otha mofos can fosho still view and discuss da sheeyat

please publish da DOR sheeyat !

haha, dor was such a unique legend dat he didnt write a paragraph

he actually just talked obsessively about speed, and his sheer passion moved me to da degree dat he immediately became - Da Gaza Demon 8)

i named him 8)

hahaha dats rite

what a mofo

hahaha it seems nothing much has changed. I still don’t have a mic and da stars and stripes still isn’t as fast as i want it but i unleashed da maximum amount of fury i could muster when i played it in concert to compensate for dis. 8)

hahahaha, yo knowledge of shred also compensates fo dis

btw - 1 thing has changed - i randomly found out u iz asian

dis is also a contributin factor to yo SD fanaticism im sho 8)



haha, chill