da bullet?

why da random hatred by some ppl?

great musicality and deep interpresheeyats…phenomenal tech too…

Assuming Bullet is Bolet… I don’t know. He was great pre-1970s, and he sorta blew post 1970s.

Hopefully some day his 50s recs will be released so he can be remembered as the legend he truly was.

tru…bullet = bolet



but hiz live tanhauzr that thrac? pozzibly poztd a while ago iz unmatchd in mah humble opinzheeyat 8)

Alice Tully ringz a bell all tho that might be tha DJ rec

yeah, he’s playing became a bit laboured and stiff in his decca yrs, but before that he was pretty much legendary. He seems like a very good teacher too.

tru, some of his earlier recs are pretty much damn amazing. and his masterclass about rach 3 was very interesting, in the old style but very inspiring

and what he recorded with decca are great selections.

wish he had recorded them a few decades earlier.

Though on the cold side, I enjoy listening to his Chopin Ballades on Decca.

I love him :ziff:

His 1936 performances are prett cool 8)


haha wtf

he’sa handsom devil, :dong: