da BURGER in medici tv tonight


sum1 rip tru i will be cooking BIBIMBAP with sum azns tru


haha da mart wuz at diz concert
da Burglah iz in mah top 10 livin legend, zadly not quite ZTORMINMORMON :stop:

n wtf da ZTOCKY

a piece fo da :comme: zhorly 8)

hahahahah fuckk
i luv da FurBurgar’z playin

fuckin genzui pianizt

any mart-clipz pozz?

hahaha dere wuz 3 cam on ztage n 1 mo in da hall zo I thought twud be inappropriate 8)

harzly forgotten thread

check it cuz dey vil remove it :stop:

how do you cap diz sheeyat?

da replay media catchah zeemz to be doing da trick

will pozt tiz once i got it


incidentally mart haff you seen Angelich, Tharaud, Thibaudet much in concert, what you think of these mofoz?

Tharaud I zaw him at da roque in scarlatti n chop. Very forgivable imo. he playz everything with da scorez even fuckin chop waltz, too much intellectual mofo, zo znob dat he don’t even own a 88 “I prax in my head” (wtf)

Angelich I saw him in a 32 Beethoven sonatas marathon wiz zum othah paris conc teachahz I rathah lyk him. Hiz waldstein wuz a bit weird n cg. I zaw him in :pimp: concerto too
a french pianizt I lyk (hu wuz in da marathon) iz Bavouzet. da moz furiuz :brotha: evah.

I’ve nevah zeen Thibaudet.

incidentally da pariz conc directah wuz arrezted laz Sunday

“From 1995 to 2001 he was president of the French youth orchestra”

pozz da bezt flautist in da whole Europe?

do you have a crack for that program, or an activation code? i just downloaded it and want to cap some other sheeyat.

o yea, i BTed the cracked version
i can UL that too

(better scan with a virus program before u run it, i did, but just on the safe side)

840Mb and still going, i wunder how big iz tiz high Q perf clip

(turns out to be about 860Mb)

lesdjinns.com/dasdc/Jeff/Replay% … 0v3.01.exe

use this at ur own risk, scan it with virus scanner first

(i run this in a VM Winxp)

haha, its ok, i found a crack online soon after. hopefully wont catch any viruses from this one. not sure if it works though. ill use your upload if mine doesnt work.

haha btw, da NOR

bimbimbop iz awezome
zo iz bu gou ge

neuburger uploaded in the rec section, the argerich and angelich is pending

bu gou ge???

is that BULGOGI? 8)

tru… respec da korean food. Equal legendary as Jap food

chinese was different 8)

what a ghey approach to music, I personally think playing from the score is unprofessional.

that’s good, I like him. He doesn’t seem to have much of a career outside of France and makes frustratingly few records.

tru good pianist, Chris posted some of his discs.

daim diz like da markarov in oz

also I’ve been listening to a few thibaudet cds (might post some sheeyat in the next few days) and I’ve been impressed. He has a very nice technique; beautiful leggiero and legato. Also he’s interps aren’t boring like most pianists of his gen.

Randomly the Thib was my first REAL concert experience, excluding that one from fifth grade I can’t remember a thing about except that I liked it :slight_smile: He played a Bach Brandenburg and the RanjiCon I posted a year or so back. I thought he was good, but then again, I have no barometer for live performers, my only other experience being tha Ohlsson twin playin tha HAIRDRESSER ConC, also posted awhile back.