da canadain bitch

fuck da canadain!!!

why did you ban da furiouspiano account?


I made lyk 30 nu imporvs, re-activate da furiouspiano account!!


I wanna post more of mah recz in dasdc.



let me back in

re-activate da furiouspiano account.


  • da TRU zpeed demon

by da way…

if you ban dis account, you won’t get all da recz dat I am uploading now.

It’s not like we want/already-have them in the first place.


haha fuck I was going to make my own fuck da chris account name and say da same sheeyat, except more BITCH and DIE and ztuff. Someone beat me to it

who gives a shit.

u mite be da zpeed demon but u play da piano lyk a 1 minute zex interlude

u shuld learn a byt from da :chop:

hahahahah, i vill do yo a favah n not look too much into thiz zeeminly zl*w world pozt