Da CG ztory ov da OZTRICH

She won gold medals in the shot put and discus throw (despite having picked up a discus for the first time just a few weeks before the event)

She retired from sports in 1950 after having won two bronze medals at that year’s European Championships, and continued to pursue a career in music. Her athletic prowess damaged her reputation as a concert pianist, however, and she even avoided playing anything composed by Franz Liszt for six years because she considered him too “sportif”.

HAHAHA wtf diz zumwut legendary lead up den da ZHAMEFUL retirement ov da PIMP from her rep :pimp::whale::icon_stopw_sdc_473:


“She emerged from retirement in the 1990s to make a series of appearances in France and Switzerland - some solo recitals, a few orchestral and chamber concerts, and a notable series of two-piano programmes with François-René Duchable.”

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AHAHAHAH wtffffff

Da harzh endin cut and/or FAKERUDY

tru I expected a bit mo :icon_stopw_sdc_473: :sunglasses:


Really manly sound.

Olympic prizes? Man!

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tru diz a bit weak but pozz gensui in her prime? :dong: