Da challenge numbah 2


This time there’s 15 samples, and they’re longer. Shortest is 0:34, longest 1:39.

A few of those might be a bit tricky, but overall I think this one is much easier than the first.


Download, u fuckahz 8)

  1. Bloc Party - Positive Tension [musicsdarkangel]
  2. Massive Attack - Angel [Comme]
  3. Soundgarden - Black hole sun [Comme]

I never know song-names, even of my favorite bands, so I will have a tough time naming any full titles…

  1. Sounds identical to Explosions In The SKy… shame on them

  2. Madonna - Like A Virgin

  3. Placenta Barbeque - Bunny Chicken

  4. Michael Jackson - Thriller

  5. Bloc Party - Positive Tension

  6. Method Man - Dood Wheres My Car

  7. A Silver Mt. Zion?

  8. Must be Boards Of Canada

  9. Some sort of Bjork (or Massive Attack?)

10 Limp Bizkit - Nookie

11 Skunks - Unicorn Nipples

12 Mozart - Le Nozze de Figaro

13 The Wah-pedalers - I Wish I Was Jimi Hendrix, pt 2

14 Dream Theater After a Hangover - Riff With Solos Over It

15 hmmm i’m not sure about this one though I’ve definitely heard it

Hahaha respec da CG

da only correct anzwah is da Bloc Party though 8)


did I at least get the bands right on a few?

#9 : one of your choices is right :dong:

oh and here’s a big hint : 3 of the bands you couldn’t believe you missed in the previous thread are in there again. 8)

zoungarden fo 14 NIGAvagzun

9 mazzik attak angel

uzed fo adz in da uk

HAHAHA respec da COMME

so far leadin’ da scorin’ 8)

yeah one of the songs did sound like REM and another A Silver Mt. Zion hmmmm probably NIN from In Ghosts somewhere in there cause I don’t listen to that album…

oh well. I never know song names.

Only 1 of those 3 is in there 8)