Da CHO pimpzon facials cummah

Diz now a ballet fo solo piano!



Note da perfect comp style of zero rape, clarity, polizh, muzicality AND facials

Sumwhut related:

He’s still not as bad as quasimodo or da :dong:

2 FeiFeiz outta ten

I’ll never forgive myself for not even askin dat chick fo a cup of tea at da J

Back when zhe wuz da hottezt chick at zchool


I had nothing to lose! Juz chat n haff tea.
I had her turn pages fo moi at some point, n chatted aftah I unleashed da Chaconne at a random forum (zhe mentioned learning da scrib 4 at da tym)

Damn I haff a great memory fo asian chicks n anything dey say…

You sure about that? You wrote like 1000 posts about a chick who you refused to meet in the end. No way you were ever going ask da FAKEDONG to do anysheeyat.


100% sure!
I played da Brotha Op 2 no 3 (quasi sight fucked) n zhe laughed at each fuckup. Esp in da first movt closing sects

She wuz in a clazz wiz moi as well.
Good lord.

At any rate, needless to say - now dat my ex is back, I removed her from ma facezheeyat.

Dong hu?

Lol @ da Chofonov extreme facials n non extreme interp

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