Da CLARA ZHOE tru m*zicality level

tru diz evidently bazed on da mini-derailment in da POON thread :whale:

i liztened to da CLARA 88 cunc n zum minah cumpoz n haff derefo cuntcluded

da ZHOE himzelf went inzane bazically becuz

deep down he juz cudn’t deal wiz da fact dat

hiz wyf a mo talented penizt AZ WELL AZ cumpozah :sunglasses:

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n dat zhe had a hugeah dongah :sunglasses: :tm:

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cuntzidahrin da inzane pzychlogikal trauma :tm: zuffahed at da handz of da :hui:

but now if zhe alzo a bettah penizt + tenured profezzah n dey married

tiz da ZHOE zituation :sunglasses:

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Hahaha I was about to say how controversial diz iz

And den recalled how sheeyat da Shoe Davidzdongah truly iz

Datz rite!

But it also taught me the value of NOT being a slave, getting dissed every day and feeling guilty for practicing.

It was sum CG trauma wiz da bonus ov teaching moi sum insane life lessons.

And damn, I gotta be careful, chick’s hitting da biological doomsday clock get more and more insane…

…. What do I do if a Steinway Model M and a purebred Basset Puppy get delivered to my residence? :sunglasses:

DAMN what a beautiful biatch!

Randomly, diz another :athletic_shoe: piece that I’m not fond of. 16 minute dongah, damn, how about Da Pimp Benedicktion instead, WTF?

The clara have a harsh condescending bitch vibe

…which is ok with me :sunglasses:

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Similar personality to the Poon pozz :dong: