da clitburn

hahaha da clit



dude dats sig iz too much man, u may be interested in da batti orientated sheeyat but dat iz sickening for mah-bad-self. btw da clit-burn iz himself a batti boy so now we iz all got a disturbing mental image about what da clit and da bush got up to after da pic woz taken

You’re fuckin’ sick, that’s just wrong. Donl’t fuckin’ show that crap because none of the peepwhole (see what I did there? 8)) here wanna see dat shit.

i haff fixed da problem, block da sig pic using da firefox 8)

do i smell homophobia? 8)

do i smell homosexuality? 8)

hahahaha, i smell touche 8)

i nevah like his playiny.

80% off his recs iz just slow.

i like his early recordings of Rach 3, Rach2, Tchaik 1 dats about all i’ve heard from him.

I’ve only heard his Thaik 1 and at least it’s better than Lang Lang’s andd Kissin’s. But I think Da Horowitz from 1943 is faster.

true, da clitty ain’t beating no-one in a speed race 8)

look at da 1st pic of dis thread.

Cliburn looks a bit gay.

ahahahaha, just a bit? 8)

he just looks like nothing…

I have da video of him playing Rach2.

be jealous mofos.