Da Clitburnah film cummah

Van Cliburn

Surprised there’s a market for this

Oh yeah, I forgot about this! From memory, the actor is a pretty good double for Cliburn.
I can’t imagine it would be worth watching, but then again Shine was a good movie. :dong:

These another one? This hasn’t been released yet.

Nah, I meant that I forgot that they were making this. I saw an annoucement about it last year or the year before.

My first thoughts wiz diz wud be about da 2013 zo I clicked diz juz to see if da Fei Fei iz dere.


I didn’t follow that one. I don’t like the Cliburn very much, in recent times most of the winners have been forgettable. The worst was when Kobrin won.

Honestly, I liked Kholodenko less than Kobrin and many of his cheats in da Pimp TEz were simply inexcusable.

He has a better career though. I think Rana was the real winner of 2013 however.

ahahahaha da KOBRA biggezt crime iz

waztin a perfectly-MOFO SDC nick

mannnn objecitvely zpeakin if diz mofo DUEL da KAZTLE da zepp vil refrain from a BOOKIEZ vizit n zit diz one out :sunglasses:

I heard da Kobra live, he has a very pretty tone and murmurs Haydn sweetly :sunglasses:

In all honesty, I’m fine with “exquisite” mofos winning comps.