da cockette

What’s the clochette fantasy??

Clochette Fantasy = Campanella times 10 on crack

“Clochette” = french fo “Campanella”

hahaha, dat is obvious sheeyat man, u think i dont know da french? 8)

haha obviously dat was fo uncultivated mofos of dis forum, not fo da Comme 8)


actually mofos clottchett is french 4 little bells you thick fucks

and that’s what campanella is in italian, u unthick dick

clochette fantasy is a fantasy written on that pag theme, was written before the etude, i believe, way too fucking hard.

hahaha, it iz technically WIKID, juzt slightly muzically dull in partz

ad HOG recorded diz in a LEGENDARY REC:

“The program closes with two of the most outrageous pieces Liszt ever penned. The Grand galop chromatique is tossed off with an easy panache. Fiorentino is just ten seconds off Cziffra’s landmark performance. Cziffra’s is probably the more exciting performance, given his percussive, waspish style, but Fiorentino offers many felicities. Even the galop pales by comparison with the following Grande Bravura Fantasy on la Campanella. Rarely recorded by any sane pianist, this quite crazy work demands the most lavish technical endowment in order to do justice to its violinistic textures. While no one sounds comfortable in such a work, Fiorentino shows how he can play “virtuosissimo” music with glittering panache. I recommend it to all Lisztians.”



that CD is phenonmenal



neva heard :slight_smile:

wo haff