Da Comme-izzion - Improv-Tableaux (Zdzisław Beksiński inzpired)

Tru fo a few monthz I haf been zumwut inzpired to improvize while inzpired by da art ov Polizh artizt Zdzisław Beksiński

Da only izzue iz dat - dey zound a bit zheeyat …zo I decide inztead to comme-izzion da legendz ov da SDC to zelect a Beksiński painting to be inzpired by n pozt a IMPROV vid to exprezz wut cummah

Obviouzly diz idea zumwut a :rocky: tribute tru

Chooze wizely

Gud luck :sunglasses:


Damn the tool / NIN vibes these paintings give me. Hmmm will check it out.

Spider wolf, give opportunity to quote spider pig theme from simpsons and little red riding hood et tableaux in one go.


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