da comme talkz LIVE wit da MT

revealing convo -

Jimmylikesfish: Hello Are you there?
Sungamer1: who is this?
Jimmylikesfish: koji attwood
Sungamer1: o.O
Jimmylikesfish: yes, the iron thumb
Sungamer1: what’s the name of the girl in minneapolis?
Jimmylikesfish: i assume, based upon ration odds, that there is a girl named michelle residing in the aforementioned location
Sungamer1: alright. give it up. you ain’t koji.
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, really?
Sungamer1: marc?
Jimmylikesfish: i could swear i was :stuck_out_tongue:
Sungamer1: no…
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahahahahahahahaahahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: theres your clue
Sungamer1: what’s your favorite movie?
Sungamer1: ah. commie.
Jimmylikesfish: commando
Jimmylikesfish: :slight_smile:
Sungamer1: i must say i appreciate you chatting in real english. Really.
Jimmylikesfish: dats rite, respec
Jimmylikesfish: :stuck_out_tongue:
Sungamer1: no.
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha, much respecT
Sungamer1: thank you.
Jimmylikesfish: and you really dont intend to show off with your FF?
Jimmylikesfish: who are you kidding
Sungamer1: show off? why?
Jimmylikesfish: people are impressed by velocity
Jimmylikesfish: i for one, enjoy velocity, for the sake of velocity
Sungamer1: i have the velocity. i don’t need to show off with it.
Jimmylikesfish: no need to be big headed…
Sungamer1: big headed? it has nothing to do with ego, or anything. I don’t enjoy velocity for velocity’s sake.
Sungamer1: I do it because I think it is necessary in the piece of music.
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, sure sure
Sungamer1: why do you THINK i don’t play op. 10 no. 2 in under a minute?
Jimmylikesfish: is that because you have it , and its no longer a thrill to you?
Sungamer1: That is one possible reason. Another is that just because something is faster does not necessarily make it better.
Sungamer1: there is a limit to how fast something should go, because it has to sound like something. Music is to be heard. When something is fast enough you don’t get to hear anything.
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, i get your point
Sungamer1: Rudenko’s 10/2 for example. Forget about any arguments whether it’s real or not. It’s fast enough that you can’t do any real variety in phrasing.
Jimmylikesfish: i appreciate pianism on 2 levels
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, well it sounds good to me
Jimmylikesfish: i appreciate pianism on 2 levels
Jimmylikesfish: 1 - musical
Jimmylikesfish: 2 - technical
Sungamer1: You can play 10/2 in 1 second. Just hit all the notes that are in the piece. But that’s not music.
Sungamer1: See - that’s the thing. Technique is not an end to itself.
Sungamer1: It’s a means to an end.
Jimmylikesfish: it can be a means to an end
Sungamer1: Sure, showing off to people makes them all impressed and stuff,
Jimmylikesfish: it can also, to some people be an end in itself
Sungamer1: but it’s much better to show off, while they’re also moved by the music itself.
Jimmylikesfish: and i unashamedly admit it is for me
Sungamer1: well look. If there’s a pianist out there who plays entirely for speed,
Sungamer1: he is treated as a freakshow.
Jimmylikesfish: is there any you know of?
Jimmylikesfish: barere?
Jimmylikesfish: hhaaha
Sungamer1: Some that come close - but none has made it that doesn’t have a SHRED of musical side to it.
Sungamer1: I was thinking Volodos.
Sungamer1: but he has his redeeming qualities.
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha A DISS
Jimmylikesfish: u think ur better than him?
Sungamer1: There is not a single successful pianist to whom speed is the only factor.
Sungamer1: do I think I’m better than Volodos? hard to say. Am I worse? hard to say as well.
Sungamer1: we’re different people. you can’t compare people in general unless there’s a HUGE gap in ability.
Sungamer1: is Rubinstein better than Gilels?
Jimmylikesfish: i see
Sungamer1: is Annie Fischer better than Glenn Gould?
Jimmylikesfish: no
Jimmylikesfish: slower
Sungamer1: or the other way around?
Jimmylikesfish: ahahaha
Sungamer1: but annie fischer’s beethoven sonatas are far better than gould’s.
Sungamer1: That doesn’t make her a better pianist.
Jimmylikesfish: well actually i disagree
Sungamer1: Or a better musician for that matter, though privately I’d consider her a better musician.
Jimmylikesfish: i love some of goulds beethoven
Jimmylikesfish: moonlight finale :wink:
Sungamer1: And then there’s the other thing - what do you listen to in music?
Sungamer1: do you listen to the music itself, or do you listen to the performer?
Sungamer1: It really should be a combination of both.
Jimmylikesfish: agreed
Jimmylikesfish: ok look, you misunderstand me
Sungamer1: In the case of Argerich, you go to hear Argerich.
Jimmylikesfish: i enjoy music for sure
Jimmylikesfish: but i have a side of me
Jimmylikesfish: da SDC side
Jimmylikesfish: where technical feats of virtuosity is also a pleasure
Sungamer1: please, don’t turn schizo on me.
Jimmylikesfish: it is rather akin to the appreciacion of athelets
Jimmylikesfish: atheletes
Jimmylikesfish: you wouldnt diss an athelete
Sungamer1: If that’s the way you want to go - ponder this
Sungamer1: Think of piano as figure skating.
Jimmylikesfish: i consider a pianist both an artist and an athelete
Sungamer1: you can’t give great artistic marks without a certain technical ability.
Jimmylikesfish: yep
Sungamer1: but you can give great technical marks without artistic marks
Jimmylikesfish: hahahah
Sungamer1: which means that great technicians only will never win. For the simple reason that they’re not as good.
Jimmylikesfish: well
Jimmylikesfish: my favourite 10/4
Jimmylikesfish: is NOT richter’s
Jimmylikesfish: shocked? :stuck_out_tongue:
Sungamer1: no. but i’ll tell you i don’t have a favorite 10/4
Sungamer1: most of them are not furious enough.
Jimmylikesfish: actually richter is one of my favourites but
Jimmylikesfish: hahahahaha, YOU CAN TALK
Jimmylikesfish: yours is slow ass
Sungamer1: furious != fast.
Sungamer1: you’re equating speed and other things again. Get that out of your head.
Jimmylikesfish: hahahaha
Jimmylikesfish: i know
Jimmylikesfish: this is why cziffra is better than richter
Jimmylikesfish: he is slower but more furious
Sungamer1: What 10/4 really needs is a steadiness.
Jimmylikesfish: i disagree
Jimmylikesfish: cziffra is hardly steady
Sungamer1: i didn’t say i liked his.
Sungamer1: It needs to be stable in a certain way.
Sungamer1: in a rush, but the rush has to be controled
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha, i like the craziness
Jimmylikesfish: i like cziffra’s rhythmic eccentricity
Sungamer1: craziness doesn’t communicate music. It just communicates craziness.
Sungamer1: well. we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one.
Sungamer1: Well, I’m off.
Sungamer1: g’night.
Jimmylikesfish: hahaha
Jimmylikesfish: come on msn sometime
Jimmylikesfish: respec to MT
Sungamer1: ciao
Jimmylikesfish: ciao
Sungamer1 signed off at 06:00:09.

hm, i’m confused. wtf is musicality?

ha dayum

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da comme disgraced himself after reading the whole thing.

howz dat?

Dat convo waz a bit sheeyat.

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Greatest Technique of the 20th Century
technique = SPEED above an acceptable level of accuracy … Barere for fingerstrenght,
highspeed and still taste (not always though). …
www.pianostreet.com/smf/ index.php/topic,9363.msg107486.html - 139k - Cached - Similar pages

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hahaha the funniest part of this whole convo iz that it starts out with da comme saying he’s Koji Atwood

hahaha da koji