Da Comme's Reputation precedes himself

hahahahaha, as a joke i signed a fake acoount on pianofurm as CLV391
i thought itd be fun to pretend to be Da Comme for a day. I just tried logging on

IM FUCKIN BANNED…3 posts new record

da best part is i didnt even do anything offensive in any of those posts 8)

post 1: something about how fast should one be able to play octaves
post 2: asking if 120 -132 for octs is a good goal to shoot for(i know i know, im not da u-mat)
post 3: telling da skeptopotamus dat i too am as good as he since i played da 25-12 as mah first piece, n saying dat i like it when other people are jerks too

NOW IM FUCKIN BANNED…hahahahahaha, hilarious sheeyat, i dont know how to complain to da moderators so im gonna have to a school computer to figure it out, since even as a guest im still banned 8)

:comme: :comme: :comme: :comme: :comme:



im gonna look fo diz sheeyat, but pozt linkz to da sheeyat anyway

pianoforum.net/smf/index.php … 403.0.html


pianoforum.net/smf/index.php … l#msg85888

Instead of acting like some kind of piano god with ADD (attention-deficiency-disorder), go put the energy in music.
Or join mr. CLV391’s fan club where you all can sit back and relax talking about what legendary pianists you are (yes hitting about 10% of the correct notes in the approximate key or give out recs of real pianists and pretend they’re yours are a definite demand which I’m sure you can fulfill).


sa sheeyat about dis iz dat i cant even view da topics as a guest, dey must have a ban against mah IP address or soemthing

im gonna present a fuckin legal case against da nils or whoever is doin it
about how dey predisposed me to be a person who i never claimed to be
perhaps it was just a few coincidences

dis is fuckin prejudice, its not like im azn or anything 8)



hilarious 8)

mah first (nice) request (note the shameless self-promotion) 8) Hello, I hope that i am sending this post to the correct person, but youre the only moderator that i have heard of, so I hope that you will be able to solve my problem

we shall have to wait n see what the response will be


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA dis iz hilarious sheeyat! Da stone, mah-bad-self salutez you. 8)
use da open proxy sheeyat to get around da IP ban.

That forum iz sheeyat. I iz fucking quiting after mah anzac day thread got no respec. Da non-brew aussiez iz shown dey tru fuckin colours. :angry:
da bible bashahz also were pissing moi off.

how do i do da open proxy sheeyat? ive nevah heard of it

haha, i jus realized its .net, not .com :blush:

plug one of those into your browser. If you’re using firefox, just go options ----> connection settings-----> manual connect, then type in da relevant sheeyat. In IE its prolly pretty much da same sheeyat. Some of dese are fucking slow but when you come across a fast one itz golden.

Kinda off topic: but dat fuckah SteinwayGuy iz a real prick. Dayum dere iz some tossahz on dat board, dere iz so many pretentiouz anti-sdc biatchez dere :unamused:

hahahhahahha this is quite CG 8)

u r lenny?

haha, not quite, i dont have dat much time :comme:


speaking of cunts, y was comme banned in da first place?

HAHAHAHA, sheeyat, it worked, im back on pf, now its time to terrorize da joint :dong:

DAYUM, i missed some good stuff

pianoforum.net/smf/index.php … 60.50.html


:comme: :comme:

hahahahaha TIZ TRU


as a side not, how fuckin long did it take you to learn dis sheeyat???