Da community's youngsta has arrived!


You command respec, but your signature does not. At 60% accuracy you should be aiming for 60% of da record timing, which means 50seconds. 8)

hahahahaha, dats rite 8)

hehe 60% accuracy. So yo miss da fuckin every other key rajt (rajtantajtan)?

dis mofo is treadin on thin ice, on da otha forum he actually said nocturnes shudnt be played wif fury.
dis goes against da SDC 8)

where da fuck has dis mofo gone?

to the toilet


dayum, i dont wanna smell what he took dis time to unleash…DAYUM



:cry: :blush:

yet da welcoming was so warmhearted 8)

hahaha, i express mah regret

da welcome shudve been mo welcomin

hahahaha dats rite 8)

demuz 8)