Da Computah Nerd

Dis mofo has da distinction of being mentioned in da same sentence as da great RUDY himself. Check here: http://www.vor.ru/culture/cultarch26_eng.html

Da Quote iz: “What impressed the audience most was the performances by Sergei Tarasov and Vadim Rudenko.” DAYUM. 8)

Now Da jeffo has introduced us to his legendary live vid of da mephisto#1. All we can say iz " :open_mouth: " Dis easily confirmed his status as a TRU FUCKIN’ MOFO.

Diz legend can be seen/heard here: http://www.classicalarchives.com/artists/tarasov.html


hahahaha, he looks fuckin hilariously like a fuckin stereotypical computah nerd

skinny as fuck, long schnozz, big glasses

but he unleashes da tru venganace of da tru revenge of da nerds 8)