Da COQ unleazh Buzoni Fantazy on Carmen

a bit ghey imo, but very rezpectable tempo
rather moizt Flower Aria too



** turns off Gelber **

To anyone else here I would have said “well done!”

To you I say: “keep working” =)


oh yeah absolutely, this piece is less than a month old!!

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This sounds good! Who is your fav interp?

I’ve only got the Hamelin one on CD, though I did hear Kenneth Hamilton bust it out probably about 10 years ago? Hamelin’s is incredibly clean, I think I like that better, though Hamilton’s is almost half a minute shorter than mine and Hamelin’s, due to a much faster Flower Aria and ending coda.

I like these recs a lot:


I like the early Arrau rec too.

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Arrau best… the central melody he plays big and makes things stuck together somehow instead of being vignettes. This Moog nice!!

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Rezpek, dis is damn good!

I like yourz second…dat iz zrzly wikid!

Da ogdong my absolute favourite.

Bravo, you have great facility at da keyboard.
Needz juz a bit more characterization and detailed work - on various moods, expression, colour, phrasing IMO

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fuckin high praize!!!

i’ll keep praxing fosho, this is SUCH a fun piece.



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