Da Cunt who fucked ovah ALKAN'z career

In 1848 he succeeded Zimmerman as Professor of Keyboard at the Conservatory, beating his former teacher Charles-Valentin Alkan, and as a consequence derailing the latter’s career.

Is shit.



Not very inspired, to put it mildly.

Also sum curiouz maltemping in da firzt mofo.

hahaha zo a AMADEUZ / ZALIERI zcript where da zalieri win ? :sunglasses:

Da salieri teach Liszt while demented. This make him cooler than zart.


ahaha but in dis rewrite da MAZON part get changed to a JOO so da verdickt inevitable

He entered the Paris Conservatory in 1827. He achieved first prizes in theory of music and piano. In 1848 he succeeded Zimmerman as Professor of Keyboard at the Paris Conservatory



I don’t understand the connection. Your point?

let moi edit it to make it even mo clear :sunglasses:

Ok, so some guy succeed some other guy who was a music professor. Ben Shapiro did very well at Harvard Law.

Again, your point?


ALMOZ az well az diz mofo did at da pariz cuntzervatory

derein lieth da point u iz lookin fo :sunglasses:

What does Ben Shapiro have to do with this guy, Sherlock?

Ahaha even by sdc ztandahdz dis a truly random thread derail :sunglasses:

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Hahahaha da ZEPP point perfectly clear to moi :sunglasses:


Harvard people are trained seals but I also dun get the Shapiro connection.

This thread possibly needs a detail to make sense.

Try getting into Harvard? Shapiro came from a middle class family. He skipped two grades. Just getting into Harvard Law indicates you are very bright. The guy’s hyper intelligent. He maybe an arrogant mofo, but you can’t deny his intelligence and quick wit.

Fake, explain diz zheeyat to moi?

Da Shapiro use of logical fallacies to snow job his rubes not praise worthy. I class him with the AOC in the media tards camp.

Classing up click bait opinions for media whoredom as half baked arguments dun impress me in spite of his successful paper chase cosplay past.

The Trump was a true genius becuz he cut out persuasion intellectual posture stuff and just state his opinions as fact. This more respectable and efficient. He learn da tribal mofos dun need factual persuasion, they need belief. Is why he kicked the shit out of many smarty mofos.

Also Shapiro have the inverse of BDE so I can’t stick with his vids. I feel like he’s going to tell on me for something.

I should have watched the orio vid before posting! Oh boy!!

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