Da Cuntroversial Raw Rach Poll

This vid has a Rachmaninoff side I spent 5 hours working on today followed by the exact same side before any work. Is rach PNO con 1 start.

  • Restored is better
  • Raw is better
  • You should’ve smoked pot instead of doing either

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Raw is better, daddy.

The tone is cleaner in all the registers

I listened on good headphones. Tru, Rezpek da RAW pull-out tech.

I’ll try it on da :hui: in 2028. Pozz.

I kind of think so too… even the crazy distortion at beginning doesn’t bother me much but when I fix it everything sounds cloudy and fucked.

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Becuz you pozz filtah out a frequency

Yeah I think there are a billion overtones no algorithm can make sense of just in piano alone. Will put a raw rach 1 up later. Discs aren’t as good as the third con but something to do other than loot.

Hahah unlyk da broke brothaz who vil rizk hiz lyf fo a nu microwave, u wud haff to loot ALOT to make it worthwhile :sunglasses:

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This true even if I feel lawless at heart… and my place too small for a microwave unless I put it on fridge which seems wrong somehow.

My city got a curfew today over the emergency alert. Positively authoritarian :sunglasses:


Even with jacked discs raw does indeed sound better. Just finished mov 1… rach also play this kind of aggressively. Def no pass perfs here.

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Ok tis here. Tried to make the transfer as good as possible even with messy discs.

zteal penz at facerape :sunglasses:


I remember bringing a back pack to the shared kitchen and wiping that shit out top secret. Might be contributing to the end of free society but the weird yogurts were worth it.

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