Da Danor Unleashin' some Rock etude

diz is a random recording from a couple of years. Of Rach etude op.39 no.1

The speed was a bit sheeyat. But it has da command, fury and moizt :wink:


pd: respec da fake start (it was only 1 take)
danor_rach_op39no1.mp3 (2.96 MB)

Respec. I just finished this etude. 8)

Which recording do you prefer for this etude.


-da Meph


accurate -15

hahahahahah da nu CHUB 8)

Haha, well, at least it’s better than kuschnerova’s, and I love the recording quality. :wink:

Ugh Kuschnerova is whack.

Hahaha, tru.