Randomly heard Jeremy Denk on the radio this evening (playing Beethoven, Bolcom and Harlem-stride Wagner) and it reminded me how much I liked his playing though seldom heard it. I first came across him when his History of Piano Music recital was broadcast. You can’t listen to it on that link anymore, but the programme is there.

For me, he’s probably one of the few contemporary pianists whose playing I consistently enjoy, and who has interesting programmes - I wondered what other people thought, and if anyone has any recital recordings they might be able to share.

I think it’s his name which ruins things? I’ve never paid any attention to him, but did listen to a broadcast 1-2 years ago which was likewise wonderful. I did download the replay, but I remember it came at an abysmal bitrate (64 or maybe even 32) so my memory at least is that I didn’t save it.

I will check though

but not tonight

Thanks, X :slight_smile:

You’re right about the name, and the snake-charmer swaying and facials are a bit offputting too :whale:


Nice :wink:


I propoze a nick revizion -


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iamcanadian posted some of Denk CDs and I like his Goldbergs… Also he plays very nice with Joshua Bell.

I think he’s pretty famous in the States, but haven’t heard about him performing over here.

i saw him live in boston and remember it was one of the dullest most unimaginative recitals i’ve ever seen

I like Denk but haven’t heard anything from him since his Ives program some time ago.

is diz da guy dat wuz on vice?