da DOC iz zet to premier all hiz 12 etudez

2/2/2010 | 7:30pm Bass Performance Hall

Cliburn at the Bass:Marc-André Hamelin, piano
Long known for his fearless exploration of unfamiliar pianistic terrain, Marc-André Hamelin’s startlingly original blend of musicianship and virtuosity has earned him legendary status as a true avatar of the piano. He has received eight Grammy nominations for his recordings, ranging from eighteenth-century sonatas to transcriptions by contemporary composers. Also a noted composer, Mr. Hamelin will include a set of his own etudes in his Cliburn Concerts debut.

Program: HAYDN Variations in F minor; MOZART Sonata in A minor; LISZT Venezia a Napoli; DEBUSSY Preludes, Book 2; HAMELIN Twelve Etudes

fuck yes! i cant wait to hear the others.

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