da DOC seniah

im connected wit worldwide terroritz groupz

da bronx mafie

dey iz all comin 2 settlementz due to mah wizdom

from now on - all deir fury vill be unleashed on da 88 only 8)

HAHAHA da russian mafia slaughters the bronx mafia anytime, anywhere.

and we all know who the russians are…

haha, da rectum iz da russian GODFATHA

i could, but then i would have to rip off your cock

:stop: 8)


haha da gensui of da comme is apparent 8)

Haha! I pulled out too fast fo’ you!

Tha Man will now post a randome question that gives relevance to the previous post

“Elaborate, to humah me. 8)

IF you follow the Furah’s quoted responz, the balance of the thread is restored, although tainted by me.


da only randomness about that last post is yo umawaredness of da intricacies of d mafia…

but, mah-bad-self shall elaborate…

…or will I :question: :question:

I will :question: :question:

no :exclamation:

ic :doc:

or do you? :stop:

[size=150]stick a horsecock in yo ass an wake up!![/size]